Engage with Machine Learning

Deploy, Monitor and Explain Machine Learning models.

Why Deeploy?

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Fast, reliable controlled and uniform way to deploy Machine Learning models that suits every workflow.  Allowing model agnostic engagement.

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Monitoring of predictions, decisions and interaction leads to better understanding and early warnings when a model underperforms or fails to deliver.

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Predictions come with explainers, allowing people to interact with and interpret models. Furthermore an audit trail is constructed to asses correctness.

How does it work?


Deploy Machine Learning models in 5 intuitive steps:

  • Add your repositories with your preferred Git manager
  • Use branches and commits to select the version to deploy
  • Select the model framework
  • Deeploy checks and builds the deployment
  • Test your new deployment

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Monitor Machine Learning models with confidence:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Interactive predicition log analytics
  • Interactive dashboards

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Machine Learning models can't go without explainers:

  • Explanations can be added to API responses
  • Make explanations available in different levels of abstractions
  • Make explanations available in intuitive visualisations

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The team

Photo of Tim Kleinloog

Tim Kleinloog

Technical Director / Co-Founder

Photo of Bastiaan van de Rakt

Bastiaan van de Rakt

Commercial Director / Co-Founder

Photo of Bob van de Helm

Bob van de Helm

Software Engineer

Photo of Lars Suanet

Lars Suanet

Software Engineer

Photo of Koen van Marrewijk

Koen van Marrewijk

Software Engineer

Photo of Maarten Stolk

Maarten Stolk


Photo of Nick Jetten

Nick Jetten


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